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(1) Two Minute Round
Winner will be decided by knock-out or by the Judge’s decision
  • In case of a Tie, one 30 second winner take all round (Winner will be decided by knock-out or by the Judge’s decision)
  • 16 oz gloves and headgear must be worn
  • 5 Divisions
  • number of divisions will be determined by number of fighters who sign up per discretion of fight promoter.
- Men 145lbs to 175lbs
- Men 176lbs to 206 lbs
- Men 207lbs and UP
- Men 40+
- Women’s
  • All fighters will be provided gloves, headgear, and mouth guard if needed.
  • $50.00 registration fee to fight
  • All registered fighters must be amateur boxers and can register from anywhere in the world. (No fighter may have fought professionally at any time in their career)
  • Fighters will register at
  • Fighters can sign up the day of the Fight.
  • All registered fighters must sign a release and waiver form to participate.
  • All fighters must stay within their registered weight class. If a fighter is over or under the weight class they registered in 30 minutes prior to their fight then they will be dropped from the division and an alternate fighter will be added in their place.
The Terminator Fight Series is a one night tournament to crown the true Terminator. Loser goes home, winner fights on. Open only to amateur boxers. That means you will be in the ring with firemen, ex jocks, street fighters, teachers, cops, stay at home dads, maybe your hairdresser. Here is your chance to find out how tough you are...and maybe walk away with $1,000.00 and Arnold jacket. Win or lose, you will be entertaining a large crowd with many sport celebrities in attendance. Be recognized at the “After Party” for participating in the inaugural Terminator Fight Series. This is a first class event with professional TV lighting and full 30’ ring.
Fight Agenda: Friday March 2nd, 2018 at Doors open at 6pm. All Fighters must be in venue by 5pm.
  • $1,000 Prize Money per Division: $1,000 first place / $500 second place for each Division based on a completed full bracket per weight class.
(this includes but is not limited to: outcome of a fight, weight, background check, division, etc.)
Fighters with any questions, please contact Troy Speakman, Promoter